Shower dream meaning ?

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Shower dream meaning ?

shower dream meaning washing hair wash interpretation

Shower dream meaning… what does it mean if you dream of having a shower in your dream, a shower represents a way we clean ourselves. We have a shower to feel better about ourselves. Hence, to dream about a shower the shower dream meaning seems to be related to the feeling of wanting to get rid of that we do not want.

Think about the dream context in terms of how did you feel before the shower? After the shower? During the shower?

Are other people present?

Where you with anyone in the shower or were you alone? Did you feel clean after the shower or dirty? How long was the shower?

This will give you a clue into the shower dream meaning for your dream. There are more dreams about showers here.

Water is said to be emotions, when we are showering, therefore, emotions are running off us. When we dream of swimming we are enjoying the emotions (subject to us enjoying the swim 🙂 ).

Example dreams

The following is a dream about washing in a shower:

Dream about washing in the shower

The following is a dream about taking a showing in someone else’s home:

Dream about washing in the shower in someone else’s house

The following is a dream where I was trying to find a shower to wash my hair. This is common for shower dream meaning where the dream symbolised relieving emotions:

Dream about trying to find a shower to wash my hair and relieve feelings

In summary

As you can see the shower dream meaning can be slightly different based on the context of the dream.

View all shower dreams here where I describe the dreams as they happened. Please feel free to comment under the video with your shower dream so we can learn from your dreams too.

Happy dreaming!