Kissing dream meaning ??

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Kissing dream meaning ??

What does it mean if you dream of kissing someone in your dream? Kissing someone in your dream does not necessary mean you desire that person it depends on how many times you have kissed them within dreams and over what time span.

  1. Kissing a random person (one or twice occurrence over a year): There is something that needs to be shown to you that this person has and to make you listen to the dream you end up kissing a certain person to remember the dream. Sometime people we find repulsive we can even end up kissing in dreams. Find the meaning behind, ignore the actual person, look for the symbolism in their personality, things you like or dislike.
  2. Kissing someone in many dreams: You have a desire for this person hence kissing dream meaning is literal you are allowing your desires to be released.

The following features dreams about kissing someone:

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