Dream meaning being naked ?‍♀️

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Dream meaning being naked ?‍♀️

What does it mean if you dream of being naked? To dream of being naked can represent anxiety or worry. Out bodies are clothed and we rarely walk around naked, to do so would expose our true self, parts hidden to the world. As such to dream that these exposed parts are on show is a shock and hence a worry or an anxiety.

Therefore, when we have dreams of being naked in a dream that dream meaning being naked is trying to tell us via the subconscious that we are anxious or worried about something in life.

You should look at where you were naked, was it in a work environment which can therefore mean anxiety at work, or perhaps in the home environment meaning personal worry. The key is the situation.

Then look at how naked and how strong the feelings were, this will allow you to access the level of worry.

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