About: How I remember my dreams

Do you remember your dreams?

How I remember my dreams every night. Ten years ago I did not remember my dreams, now I always remember them, every night.

I have had dreams in which the dream seemed to last for days, some even weeks, some even years. In one dream I was a man, it continued to his 40th year of life when his daughter had her 21st birthday. I experienced emotions that I never even experienced this intense joy of my daughter being born.

I have had an experience of floating amongst the universe, into the superconciousness.

I have had experiences of my brain shifting when all of a sudden I have the most intelligence mind. When I came back to reality, I felt like I was a monkey because of this intelligence that I had experienced in this person’s being.

Listen to some of my interesting dreams here:

Having taught myself to remember my dreams, I created my own dream journal to log, record, and analyse them. I have created my reference books which feature all the content of my dreams and analysis. This is not available to the public, as it is my own private collection. However, I have made my dream journal (that I use to record my dreams) available to the public, which can be found here. You can listen about the journal in this video below: